Phosphor Bronze Wire

Ken-tron  draws Phos Bronze CDA 521, CDA 510, CDA 507, CDA 519, and other copper wire alloys for our drawn metal wire customers.  Ken-tron customers use Phosphorous Bronze wire to produce items such as electrical contacts, electronic components, electrical switches, and mechanical fasteners.  Music wire, springs, and other items are also produced from Phos Bronze wire.

Phosphor Bronze 92/8 (C52100) and Phosphor Bronze 95/5 (C51000) are copper-tin-phosphor alloys used for music wire strings, woven products, switches, relays and instruments.

Phosphor Bronze Wire is corrosion resistant, has high electrical conductivity, low elastic modules and high tensile strength.

Chemical Composition

Copper Remainder
Lead .05 Max
Iron .10 Max
Tin 7.0 – 9.0
Zinc .20 Max
Phosphorus .03 – .35
Temper PSI Range
Soft 60,000 – 75,000

Other Properties

92/8 95/5
Density (lbs/in3) .318 .320
Melting Point (°F) 1880 1940

The Ken-tron Wire Division specializes in small diameter close tolerance wire made to customer specifications. Ken-tron manufactures to your custom specifications.

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