Precision, reliability, and compliance with stringent standards are key considerations for the aerospace industry. Metal stampings are essential for the aerospace sector, but for these components, manufacturers often face challenges in balancing cost and quality.

As an experienced metal component specialist, Ken-tron offers cost-effective solutions for aerospace metal stampings for a wide range of aerospace manufacturing needs, ensuring that budget constraints do not compromise quality or performance.

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Every detail is critical in the production of safe and effective batteries for cell phones, vehicles, appliances, and countless other essential products. From the chemistry of the cells to the configuration of the casing, each component plays a pivotal role in the performance and longevity of the battery. One often-overlooked aspect is the choice of metals for battery stampings – the materials used to shape and support the structure of the battery. There are a number of crucial considerations involved in making the right choice.

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Corrosion, the silent threat to metals, significantly compromises the durability and functionality of industrial structures and equipment. When it comes to metal wire used in commercial and industrial applications, the ability to withstand corrosion is not just a desirable trait – it’s a requirement. In this post, we’ll take a look at the importance of corrosion resistance in metal wire and its pivotal role in ensuring the longevity and reliability of industrial components.

Corrosion Pervasive in Industrial Settings

Corrosion, which refers to the degradation of a metal caused by a reaction with its environment, is pervasive in industrial settings due to factors like moisture and chemicals. It can quickly lead to structural deterioration, compromising the integrity of industrial components. In settings where metal wires are extensively used, such as manufacturing plants, outdoor installations, and chemical processing facilities, the battle against corrosion is unending.

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In industrial applications, materials with desirable properties play a pivotal role in shaping innovation. Kovar wire, an alloy renowned for its unique characteristics, is a great example of a precision engineered and reliable material.

In this blog post we will look at the distinctive properties of Kovar wire and explore its diverse applications in a variety of industries.

Composition and Properties

Kovar is a nickel-iron-cobalt alloy known for its thermal expansion characteristics, which closely match those of glass and ceramics. Composed of approximately 29% nickel, 17% cobalt, and the remainder iron, Kovar exhibits low thermal expansion over a broad temperature range. This property makes it a great choice for applications where a tight seal is required.

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Aerospace engineering applications demand precision and reliability. At the core of every successful aviation and space mission is a set of meticulously specified components. These parts include aerospace wire that plays a role in ensuring seamless communication, reliable power distribution, and dependable electronic systems.

Aerospace Wire Must Meet Unique Demands

Choosing the right aerospace wire is not a one-size-fits-all process. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the unique demands imposed by aerospace application environments. The following are Five important things to consider when specifying aerospace wire:

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Ken-Tron Assembly Manufacturing

Sometimes you just need help putting it all together.  That’s where we come in.  Ken-tron helps our customers assemble their products.

Ken-tron has the experience you need in assembly and in manufacturing.  In our assemblies we assemble parts and wire we have produced; plus components we purchase from other manufacturers.

Since the 1960s, assemblies have been a large part of what we do at Ken-tron Mfg., Inc.  Our experience in assembling components for our customers includes aerospace assemblies, electronic assemblies, automotive assemblies, and the assembly of many other final products and sub-assemblies.  Ken-tron produces assemblies using automated equipment and machines, employees, or a combination of machines and labor.

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Person working on circuit breaker in the dark

Those clicks that just woke you up were not reindeer on the roof; your power just went out. Not to worry, you still have that free flashlight from the insurance agent. Uh oh… Dead batteries.

No one understands how important reliability is more than Ken-tron. For decades, our customers, and their customers, have counted on Ken-tron battery stampings for reliable performance.

Our components make up batteries that power a full range of aerospace and military applications, as well as medical devices, industrial tools, and more. When called upon, these batteries must perform, and Ken-tron metal stampings are integral to assuring that performance.

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screenshot of New Ken-Tron GO-EDC VideoKen-tron Mfg., Inc. was excited to recently be the subject of Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation’s OBKY Local Look. Each quarter, GO-EDC produces a video profiling an Owensboro area business. Ken-tron, which began initially as Kentucky Electronics, has been a part of Owensboro, Kentucky’s business community since 1960.

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(COVID 19) Coronavirus

To All Ken-tron Stakeholders:

Ken-tron is proud to be a provider of essential manufacturing services. Due to the growing coronavirus, starting at 8 p.m. March 23, all nonessential Kentucky retail businesses will be ordered closed. Even with this shutdown of most businesses operating in Kentucky, Ken-tron Mfg., Inc. will remain open to supply our metal stampings and drawn wire to our customers. Read more »

(COVID-19) Coronavirus

At this time, there is no interruption to Ken-tron’s operations or supply chain caused by COVID-19 and its impact. We are closely monitoring the developments of the virus to ensure we are maintaining the safety of our Ken-tron family, the industry-leading service for which we are known and the supply continuity on which our customers depend.

Ken-tron has implemented measures in accordance with the guidelines issued by health authorities. To ensure the safety of our colleagues, we are keeping our people informed and are taking preventive measures throughout our facility. Including: Read more »