Medical Stampings

Our extensive experience with medical manufacturers includes the development of multi and four slide metal stampings, deep drawn metal stampings, eyelet stampings, transfer press stampings, and progressive die stampings.

Since we develop components according to your specifications and requirements for performance, virtually every medical stamping we produce is a custom medical stamping. Typically our engineers use your blueprint or part drawing to determine which of our processes will produce your medical component most efficiently.

Short lead times and multiple delivery options have made Ken-tron a preferred supplier to medical production facilities around the world. Ken-tron furnishes medical device stampings throughout the medical industry.

From ophthalmic to orthopedic to endoscopic surgery devices; x-ray and imaging equipment; diagnostic to therapeutic, Ken-tron has the medical experience you seek when searching for a supplier. Our materials experience includes stainless steel, Kovar, Inconel, 52 alloy, nickel and other nickel alloys, as well as other specialty alloys, exotic materials, and steel, copper, brass and other alloys used for a variety equipment components.

In addition to high volume production medical metal stamping and forming, Ken-tron offers many secondary processes. We offer short run manufacturing, prototypes, specialty packaging, assembly service, and design assistance for medical stamping products. Ken-tron provides assistance for design and review of medical stampings, including material considerations, manufacturing costs and techniques, as well as concepts.

When production drawings are provided, we are able to take those drawings and turn them into custom medical stampings to your specifications. When there is only a concept, we can work together with you to develop the medical stamping to suit your needs. We can also work from examples and prototypes. Plus, our engineers can offer input at the design stage, often allowing your medical device components to be more economical to produce.

Our expertise allows your final medical components to be of the highest quality and most efficiently produced. Ken-tron may also be of assistance in upgrade and redesign projects, updating existing products or improving manufacturing cost and efficiency with new approaches to battery stampings.

Please contact us directly to see how we might work together to improve your products and processes.

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