Ken-tron Mfg., Inc.’s constant commitment to quality in every service has resulted in AS 9100 certification , the international aerospace quality system standard. We are proud of this recognition and strive to raise our quality standards even higher. Ken-tron’s quality system is very adaptable. We tailor our system to your needs, meeting requirements from the FDA, FAA, and any other standards or regulations.

Quality and reliability are key issues in today’s business world, and at Ken-tron these are more than just words, they are a way of life. We have implemented stringent quality control procedures in all phases of our operations to assure you that your parts are of the highest quality and reliability attainable in the metal fabricating industry. We also provide customized in-house deburring, tumbling and cleaning to meet your special needs and specifications.

Our Quality Control Department has an open door policy and we not only recommend, but stress, that there should be open lines of communication between our quality control people and yours. By doing this, problems and misunderstandings can be avoided long before they have a chance to happen, and you, the customer, can relax knowing that your parts will be the most superior quality achievable.

Our quality services include the submission of PPAP, FMEA, Gage R&R, Process Capability and Stability, and other documentation. Statistical Process Control, or SPC as it is commonly referred to, is the standard of high tech industries as a quality control system. If your operations are now using the SPC method of inspection we will gladly submit statistical process charts with each shipment – upon your request.

Our internal quality controls and checks from start to finish are another way Ken-tron insures that you receive the quality and reliability metal stampings that you deserve. Our employees are proud of their commitment to produce the highest quality products possible and to meet the most exacting tolerances that you may require. Our end goal is to generate profits for reinvestment in plant, people and equipment, but under no circumstances will quality and service be sacrificed for increased profits.

We realize that we exist because of our customers. If you are currently a customer, we would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation. If you are not a customer, please contact our sales department and let us demonstrate how we can give you an edge in your manufacturing process by providing quality, service, value and reliability.

Ken-tron Mfg., Inc. also accommodates any special packaging needs you may have. We commonly use returnable packaging and customer specific containers and spools.