Custom Metal Stampings

Virtually every metal stamping that Ken-tron produces are custom metal stampings because we work directly to your specifications or your stated requirements for performance. Typically you would send your part drawing or blueprint to Ken-tron.

Our engineers would use your drawing to decide which of our metal stamping processes (deep draw, progressive die, multi slide) would most efficiently produce your stampings. Once the process for your precision metal stampings is decided upon, our manufacturing and material departments estimate the cost of producing your components. Finally, our sales department will contact you with a quote.

If you have production drawings, we can take those and turn them into actual product using your specified materials, dimensional tolerances and quality requirements. If you come to us armed only with a concept, we can work together with you to develop the component to fit your needs.

Ken-tron can also work from samples, prototypes or other examples to reach the production die stamping metal components or wire forms you need.

Check out our video on custom metal stampings design for more information.