Metal Stampings

Ken-tron Parts Division manufactures precision Metal Stampings, Deep Drawn Metal Stampings, Multi-Slide / Four Slide Metal Stampings, and Wire Forms. We take pride in our ability to provide customers with a quality product, shipped on time and at a competitive price. Our customers depend on us, so our shipping date is a commitment. Everyone at Ken-tron works to the best of their ability to honor all commitments. Each year, we provide millions of dollars worth of metal stampings to customers all over the world in a variety of industries, using a range of materials from .002 thick to 4 foot wide. We have had the pleasure of working with many industries including:

  • Medical stampings
  • Battery stampings
  • Automotive stampings
  • Electronics stampings
  • Consumer and industrial hardware stampings
  • Aerospace stampings
  • Appliance stampings
  • Defense/Ordinance stampings
  • Instrumentation stampings
  • Telecommunication stampings

Our custom metal stampings (see metal stamping video) can be created from your existing design, or we can help with design, prototyping and short run production. We also offer a wide range of secondary processes designed to deliver a completely finished product to you or directly to your customers.

We create metal stamped parts from a variety of materials, permanently pressing designs into the surface of the material using forms and dies and extreme pressure. We produce precision metal parts using eyelet/transfer press machines, multi-slide forming machines, and progressive die presses in our manufacturing processes. Materials include precious metals and commonly used metals, such as:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Nickel Plated Steel
  • Copper
  • Copper Alloys (Beryllium copper, etc.)
  • Brass Cold Rolled Steel
  • Nickel alloys (52 alloy, Kovar, etc.)
  • Aluminum

Our equipment, combined with our in-house design and tooling capabilities, positions us to serve as a one source metal stamping company for a vast array of metal parts including: semiconductor stampings, getters, reed blades, medical stampings, battery stampings, automotive stampings, stainless steel stampings, electronic stampings.

Please take a moment to look through our website and contact us with any questions or comments you may have. You can even request a quote online and we’ll get back to you with prices and deliveries.

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Metal Stampings Product Gallery

Metal StampingsKen-Tron metal stamping productsmetal stamping

Ken-tron has been providing quality metal stampings to customers all over the world in a variety of industries using a range of materials since 1960.

  • Produced in a wide variety of materials.
  • Progressive die, deep drawn and multi-slide processes.
  • In-house tooling capabilities.
  • Supply all industries including automotive, medical, battery, aerospace and appliance.
  • Create from your design or utilize our in-house design and prototyping services.