Battery Stampings

For over four decades, Ken-tron has supplied custom metal stampings to the battery industry. We have produced battery components for consumer, commercial, industrial and military manufacturers. Our stampings are used by battery makers around the world.

With short lead times and multiple delivery options, Ken-tron has become a preferred supplier to battery production facilities. Whatever process is required for developing the perfect battery component, you will find it is available within our facility. Ken-tron provides our battery customers with multi and four slide metal stampings, deep drawn metal stampings, eyelet stampings, transfer press stampings, and progressive die stampings.

Ken-tron furnishes primary and secondary battery stampings for alkaline, lithium, and nickel batteries. Our materials experience includes nickel, steel, stainless steel, Kovar, Inconel, 52 alloy, and other nickel alloys. From the development of topshells to the production of terminals, caps, cell tops, springs and other battery components, Ken-tron has the experience you seek in battery stampings.

To produce your custom stampings, Ken-tron creates custom tooling specifically for your application. Our engineers can offer input at the design stage, often allowing your battery stampings to be more economical to produce. Additionally, our capabilities include many secondary processes such as coating, heat-treating, and plating, which can also add to the profitability of your finished systems. Another advantage Ken-tron brings is that we are a source for short run manufacturing, prototypes, specialty packaging, and assembly service for many battery stamping products.

Our expertise with design and review of battery stampings, including concepts, techniques, material selection, and manufacturing budgets allow your final product to be of the highest quality and most efficiently produced. Ken-tron may also be of assistance in upgrade and redesign projects, updating existing products or improving manufacturing cost and efficiency with new approaches to battery stampings.

Please contact us directly to see how we might work together to improve your products and processes.