Cleaning and Deburring Services

As part of our metal stamping operations, Ken-tron Mfg., Inc. offers parts cleaning and deburring services. Whether it is metal parts we produce for you or your existing small metal components and stampings, we can remove oils and clean, plus provide burr removing and polishing.

Using rotary basket and tank cleaning systems we clean a wide variety of small metal stampings and parts. All of our systems use aqueous and ultrasonic technology to achieve the highest degree of cleanliness with a lower environmental impact.

Ken-tron uses our barrel or hi-speed tumbling equipment to polish and deburr small metal parts or stampings. A variety of processes and media allow us to reach practically any finish you desire on the components we tumble.

When Ken-tron receives a request for quote, our engineers take the component drawing or blueprint and decide which type of machine will most efficiently achieve the cleaning or deburring result required.

For additional Inquiries, please request a quote or contact us.