Brass Wire

Ken-tron stocks Brass 230, Brass 240, Brass 260, Brass 270 and other Brass wire alloys.  Our customers use Brass Ken-tron metal wire to produce items such as electrical components, electronic parts, and mechanical fasteners.  Cold heading, brushes, springs, and jewelry are also common uses of our Brass metal wire.

Brass Wire 230 (85/15) and Brass Wire 240 (80/20) are copper-zinc alloys used as wrap wire for music strings.

Brass Wire 260, 270 and 340 are used for wood and cap screws, rivets and gasteners.

When work hardened this alloy is used for spring applications.

Chemical Composition

Brass Wire 230 (UNS C23000)84.0 – 86.0.05 max.05 maxZn
Brass Wire 240 (UNS C24000)78.5 – 81.5.05 max.05 maxZn
Brass Wire 260 (UNS C26000)68.5 – 71.5.07 max.05 maxZn
Brass Wire 270 (UNS C27000)63.0 – 68.5.10 max.07 maxZn
Brass Wire 340 (UNS C34000)62.5 – 66.5.8 – 1.4.10 maxZn.5 Max

Other Properties

Density (lbs/in3).316.313.308.306.306
Melting Point (°F)18101830168016601630

The Ken-tron Wire Division specializes in small diameter close tolerance wire made to customer specifications. Ken-Tron manufactures to your custom specifications.

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