Metal Wire FAQs

Do you draw wire that is customer consigned stock?
Yes, Ken-tron can draw or re-draw customer consigned wire — the wire alloy type determines the starting size for Ken-tron and the metal wire material must be clean and properly packaged.

Do you straighten and cut wire?
Yes, in conjunction with our Metal Stampings Division, Ken-tron can straighten wire and cut wire.

Do you manufacture wire forms?
Yes, our Metal Stampings Division also produces wire forms.  We would be happy to quote once receiving your inquiry and a print or drawing of the wire form.

What is your minimum order or buy for drawn wire?
Dependent upon the alloy type, we have a $500.00 lot charge and a $750.00 lot charge, in most cases.

Can Ken-tron help develop a new wire product?
We often assist in the development of new drawn wire products.  There is no extra charge for wire drawing research and development, only the material itself if it is an exotic alloy.

Can Ken-tron expedite a wire order?
We built our reputation and our business by doing this for our customers.  Ken-tron manufactures drawn wire 24 hours a day to make sure your needs are met.

Does Ken-tron stock metal wire?
We do stock some wire alloys and wire sizes.  We do not stock every drawn wire alloy and size we produce.  However, if you furnish us with an order of two months or longer, we will draw wire and stock releases.

Do you plate wire in house?
Ken-tron does not plate wire in house, but do have outside sources that can plate our wire for you.

Does Ken-tron draw wire to temper or anneal wire to temper?
We have the capability of annealing wire to temper or drawing wire to temper depending upon your requirements.

Do you coat wire?
Ken-tron draws only bare wire.  We do not coat wire.

Does Ken-tron batch anneal wire or strand anneal wire?
We can both strand anneal and batch anneal wire.  The process we use to anneal wire depends upon the size of the wire.

Do you manufacture wire using diamond dies or carbide dies?
We use both carbide dies and diamond dies in our manufacturing process.  Your surface finish requirements dictate which wire drawing dies we use.

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