Automotive Stampings

Ken-tron has been a trusted supplier to the automotive industry for decades. We typically supply to Tier I and Tier II manufacturers who use our metal stampings as part of a larger assembly.

Our short lead times and multiple delivery options allow Ken-tron the privilege of supplying automotive facilities around the world. Trucks depart our facility every day containing the highest precision automotive components.

As with all the markets we serve, Ken-tron provides our automotive customers with multi and four slide metal stampings, deep drawn metal stampings, eyelet stampings, transfer press stampings, and progressive die stampings. Whatever process is required for the perfect component, it is available within our facility right here, in the heart of the US.

Ken-tron furnishes clips, clamps and brackets for our customers who manufacture braking and suspension systems. We produce contacts, terminals, leads and connectors for automotive electrical and interior companies, as well as fittings, ferrules, fasteners, and stampings for drivetrain and safety manufacturers.

This not the full extent of what we can provide, because Ken-tron can produces custom tooling specifically for your application. Our engineers can also offer input at the design stage, often allowing your automotive stampings to be more economical to produce. Additionally, our capabilities include many secondary processes such as coating, heat-treating and plating, which can also add to the profitability of your finished systems. We are also a source for short run manufacturing, prototypes, specialty packaging, and assembly service for many automotive stamping products.

Our assistance with design and review of automotive stampings, including concepts, techniques, material selection, and manufacturing budgets enable your final product to be the highest quality and the most efficiently produced in the industry. For upgrade and redesign projects, Ken-tron may be of assistance with updating existing products or improving manufacturing cost and efficiency with new approaches to automotive stampings.

Please contact us directly to see how we might work together to improve your products and processes.

Automotive stampings