Metal Stamping Processes

Metal stamping machines are used to produce metal component parts in volume. The machines operate custom die sets that are made for the production of custom metal stampings. Through metal stamping processes, parts can be produced to close tolerances and from a great variety of materials.

There are three basic types of precision metal stampings:

Progressive Die Metal Stampings

Progressive die stamping is perhaps the most common metal stamping process. We use a single die that progressively creates your custom part as the metal strip travels through the die. The part is carried by the strip and shaped or formed at numerous stations in the progressive dies. Progressive stampings are typically the most economical type of stamping. Our OBI and Straight Side presses range in size from 2 tons to 60 tons specializing in the fabrication of close tolerance, precision stampings in a wide variety of shapes and metals. These metals range in size from a thickness of .002 to .250 inches, and in width from .060 to 4.00 inches.

Deep Drawn Metal Stampings

We have Waterbury Farrel Cam Eyelet presses and U.S. Baird Transfer presses ranging in size from 5 to 45 tons specializing in the deep drawing of a wide variety of strip metals. Materials include: stainless steel, brass, copper, nickel alloys and other metals to meet customer specifications. Used in deep drawing, our transfer press or eyelet machines fabricate deeply recessed parts with separate stations of punches and dies. Deep drawn parts are metal stampings made from a flat metal strip. Deep drawn or eyelet parts have a depth greater than their width, and are often referred to as cups.

Multi-Slide Metal Stampings

Multi-slide or four slide metal stampings are often the most intricate parts with multiple bends or angles. These are wrapped or clamping type parts. Multi-slide machines also can run more than one die set at a time and can do so at different angles. This type of machine is also used to produce most of our wire forms. We have U.S. Baird Forming machines ranging from #00 four-slides to #35 multi-slides with the capability to form a wide variety of wire and strip alloys into custom precision metal stamping parts. Our wire forming operations are now producing wire forms with a diameter of up to .125 inches.

Ken-tron Mfg., Inc. has the facilities to produce all three types of metal stampings. Many metal stamping companies can produce one or two types, but few have the ability to produce all three types.

When Ken-tron receives a request for quote, our engineers take the component drawing or blueprint and decide which type of machine will most efficiently produce the part you are looking to source.

For additional Inquiries, please request a quote or contact us.

Check out our video on metal stampings processes for more information.