Hastelloy C276

Ken-tron draws Hastelloy C276, Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy G30, Hastelloy B3, Hastelloy X, Hastelloy C4, Hastelloy C2000, Hastelloy G35, Hastelloy N and Ultimet and other corrosion-resistant alloys for our drawn wire customers.  Ken-tron customers use corrosion-resistant metal wire alloys to produce items for the aerospace, weaving, spring, and other industries.

Hastelloy C276® is a Nickel-Molybdenum-Chromium and Tungsten corrosion resistant alloy.

Hastelloy C276® is used for springs and weaving wire.

Chemical Composition

ASTM B-574
UNS N10276
Iron 4.0 – 7.0
Molybdenum 15.0 – 17.0
Nickel Remainder
Manganese 1.0 Max
Silicon .08 Max
Carbon .010 Max
Aluminum 0.00
Cobalt 2.5 Max
Chromium 14.5 – 16.5
Sulfur .03 Max
Phosphorus .04 Max
Tungsten 3.0 – 4.5
Vanadium .35 Max
AMS B-574 UNS 10276
Temper PSI Range
Spring 212,000 – 268,000
Soft 145,000 Maximum

Other Properties

Density (lbs/in3) .321
Melting Point (°F) 2498

The Ken-tron Wire Division specializes in small diameter close tolerance wire made to customer specifications. Ken-Tron manufactures to your custom specifications.

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