Metal Stamping FAQ

    • Progressive die metal stampings are custom metal stampings produced with a progressive die stamping machine. There are three types of common metal stampings: progressive die, multi slide and deep drawn. Of these three types, progressive die are the most common. These machines often run faster and with more accuracy due to pilots in the dies.

    • Deep drawn metal stampings have several advantages. These parts stamped from a flat strip of material (stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.) and through a series of die sets drawn or stretched into a cup or tube shaped part. One advantage is the ability for the final part to be seamless. Other advantages of deep draw metal stamping include nearly limitless O.D. to I.D. combinations, different shapes other than round stampings, and better control of part dimensions.

    • The biggest difference between Ken-tron Mfg., Inc. and other metal stamping companies is our ability to produce three types of metal stampings (progressive die stampings, deep draw metal stampings and multi slide metal stampings). We also have a very diverse customer base (medical stampings, battery stampings, etc.). Most other metal stamping companies only serve a few industries and are more exposed to the fluctuations in these industries. Ken-tron follows ISO 9000 and AS 9100 (aerospace) quality systems in all our operations.

    • Fine blanking machines move from two directions. Both the punch and the die move toward each other simultaneously. Unlike a precision metal stamping machine which moves only the punch or die set while the other remains stationary. Fine blanking results in a part with no burr. The shear and break in custom metal stamping machines will always result in some burr on the part. Ken-tron has the finishing facilities for cleaning and deburring any parts we manufacture, or your existing metal components.

    • Ken-tron daily ships our custom metal stampings around the world. We can drop ship, ship to a plater then on to you, or any other location. We can ship your precision metal stamping in infinite ways; boxes, returnables, tubs and by land, sea, or air.

    • To choose between multi slide stamping, progressive die stamping or deep drawn stamping, our engineers concentrate on the complexity and shape of the desired finish part. For example progressive die stampings can have more piercings and multiple forms, flatter parts at faster speeds than deep draw or eyelet machines. Whereas, deep draw or eyelet stamping machines lend themselves better to production of stampings deeper or taller than ½ inch. Multi-slide or four slide machines work best for the production of multiple formed parts, wire forms or parts requiring the most accuracy.

    • Most of the time the answer to this will be no, Ken-tron produces metal stampings to customer specifications. However, there are times we will have stock of the exact alloy you need. However, even if we do not have stock, we can often have the tool completed for your custom stampings in ten weeks or less.

    • Ken-tron Mfg., Inc. does not work with any distributors. All of our custom drawn wire and metal stampings ships from our factory in Owensboro, KY USA.