Wire Products

Since 1960, Ken-tron Wire Division has provided high quality custom drawn wire for a range of applications from military and industrial to medical and musical. Originally named Kentucky Electronics, our growth and diversification has provided us with the ability to meet your wire needs for high quality and rigid tolerances such as temper, straightness, bend and size to within tolerance of +/- .0001 inch. We are dedicated to delivering the best service – Our Service is Our Strength.

Ken-tron Wire Division purchases wire at large diameters and redraws these wires to smaller diameters (as small as .002” less than half the thickness of a human hair). Depending on the alloy, we can furnish you with round wire in diameters from .002” to .100” in quantities as small as one pound. In order to provide you with the highest quality product, our wire goes through various rigorous processes such as drawing annealing, cleaning, spooling, testing and inspection.

Wire Processes