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Medical IndustryYou’ve checked your phone a thousand times. You’ve prayed a thousand more. You’ve talked to those waiting with you about how their family is doing. You’ve looked at all the magazines twice, but time seems to stand still while you wait to hear from the surgeon. You just want good news. We know how you feel.

Everything we do is important to us and to our customers, but some things feel especially important. When it comes to supplying medical wire and medical stampings, Ken-tron understands how important it is that these products perform as promised…every time.

Using the most advanced materials and some of the latest techniques, Ken-tron medical products carry out our policy of quality products shipped on time at a competitive price. You don’t necessarily want to hear about the on-time shipping or competitive pricing, but we build in the quality because we know you want to hear that everything is going to be okay.

Whether it is surgical device components or orthopedic medical wire or any other of a number of medical products we produce, we treat all our medical wire and medical stampings as if our family was the patient.

The Ken-tron family extends past our employees to all of our customers and their customers as well. The highest measures of performance, safety and reliability demanded in all our products, takes on a special meaning with our medical device components. Ken-tron applies almost 60 years of innovation and experience toward a positive outcome for you and your family.

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