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music wire, guitar stringsIf you were playing your guitar today or if you heard a song with someone else playing a guitar, there is a pretty good chance Ken-tron Mfg., Inc. was involved.  Since the early 1980s, Ken-tron has been a major supplier of music string wire, primarily for guitars.

Until recently, most of this wire was known as wrap wire.  This is the wire that is wound around another wire to make strings used on electric guitars, acoustic guitars, electric bass guitars, pedal steel and other musical instruments.  Most commonly this wire is nickel, nickel plated steel or stainless steel for electric guitars or brass, bronzes and copper alloys for acoustic guitars.

Ken-tron produces music wire by using a process called cold drawing. We pull wire raw material through dies to create smaller wire in varying diameters.  Often, this wire is then heat-tempered, per application specifications and wound on spools. Music wire is able to withstand high levels of tension and stress continuously without the loss of tightness or strength. To truly appreciate the strength of music wire, consider the stress on the strings the next time you see your favorite artist perform.

At the request of many of our music string customers, Ken-tron recently made the investment required to begin production of guitar string core wire. This is the wire that makes the bare, or unwrapped, strings as well as the center, or core, of a wrapped string on guitars. This wire is a steel or plated steel wire.

So if you’re strummin’ about lovin’ your baby, rockin’ about lookin’ for a new baby, or bendin’ chords and cryin’ cause your baby’s gone, Ken-tron’s there with you.

To learn, read more about the music wire options Ken-tron Mfg., Inc. offers as a leader in music wire. Are you ready to discuss your project? Contact us online or call the Ken-tron wire specialists today.

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