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(COVID-19) Coronavirus

At this time, there is no interruption to Ken-tron’s operations or supply chain caused by COVID-19 and its impact. We are closely monitoring the developments of the virus to ensure we are maintaining the safety of our Ken-tron family, the industry-leading service for which we are known and the supply continuity on which our customers depend.

Ken-tron has implemented measures in accordance with the guidelines issued by health authorities. To ensure the safety of our colleagues, we are keeping our people informed and are taking preventive measures throughout our facility. Including:

  • Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces, including time keeping machines
  • Increasing use of alcohol-based personal disinfectants
  • Minimizing colleagues working in proximity
  • Screening visitors entering facilities
  • Amending our absentee policy and asking colleagues stay home if they or are sick or seek medical attention if showing symptoms

We currently have adequate materials and alternate supplier planning to ensure supply continuity, and we are monitoring key suppliers to reduce the risk of shortages.

Every effort is being made to ensure all stakeholders’ needs are satisfied as the global threat of COVID-19 evolves rapidly. We are discussing this changing situation daily as well as communicating with regional business partners and agencies to keep our people safe and ensure business continuity for our customers.

At present, we are operating at normal production and we will keep you updated with any future developments.

Please contact us with any questions or specific needs.

Thank you for your business and continued support.

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