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Ken-Tron Assembly Manufacturing

Sometimes you just need help putting it all together.  That’s where we come in.  Ken-tron helps our customers assemble their products.

Ken-tron has the experience you need in assembly and in manufacturing.  In our assemblies we assemble parts and wire we have produced; plus components we purchase from other manufacturers.

Since the 1960s, assemblies have been a large part of what we do at Ken-tron Mfg., Inc.  Our experience in assembling components for our customers includes aerospace assemblies, electronic assemblies, automotive assemblies, and the assembly of many other final products and sub-assemblies.  Ken-tron produces assemblies using automated equipment and machines, employees, or a combination of machines and labor.

In keeping it all together, Ken-tron has used welding, riveting, screwdriving, and bolting.  Through custom cells, we can accommodate just about any assembly method your product requires.  Collaborating with other suppliers, Ken-tron can supply plated, coated, heat treated, and other finished components as part of our assembly process.  

We apply the same stringent testing and quality standards to our assembly services as we do to the wire and stamping products we manufacture.  Along with your assemblies and sub-assemblies, Ken-tron delivers the documentation, certificates, and confidence you are looking to add to your production process.

Contact us today to discuss your assembly project.

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